Southside Park

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Southside Park
Southside Park is located in Metro Atlanta
Southside Park
Southside Park
Location of Southside Park in central Atlanta
Location Jonesboro Road, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Coordinates 33°39′47″N 84°22′19″W / 33.663068°N 84.371824°W / 33.663068; -84.371824Coordinates: 33°39′47″N 84°22′19″W / 33.663068°N 84.371824°W / 33.663068; -84.371824
Area 211 acres (0.85 km2)

Southside Park is, at 211 acres (0.85 km2), the largest park in the City of Atlanta.[1] It is located along Jonesboro Road in the southern part of the city just north of the Perimeter (I-285). Its rank as the city's largest park is set to be eclipsed by the new Westside Park at 351 acres (1.42 km2). Southside Park is mostly undeveloped forest and a baseball diamond, concession stand and parking lot. In 2007, the city completed a study for the development of the park. The study called out the lack of facilities in the park and the difficult of access on foot, by bike and by public transportation.

In 2013 the City of Atlanta funded a study by the trail consulting arm of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) which was completed in December, 2013. The resulting Conceptual Design Report describes a potential for 6.5 miles of natural surface trail (known in mountain biking circles as "singletrack") suitable for bicyclists, runners and hikers.

The report includes detailed trail design information and cost estimates. The planned trails are situated in a "stacked loop" system, guiding visitors through progressively more challenging terrain as they move deeper into the forest. The planned trail system features a beginner loop, intermediate loop and advanced loop, as well as a wooden boardwalk and bridge over Poole Creek.

In 2016 the 1.2-mile beginner loop was constructed using funds donated by Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) under direction of the Atlanta Chapter of the Southern Offroad Bicycling Association (SORBA Atlanta.) In October, 2016 the City of Atlanta and representatives of affiliated organizations and the local community officially opened the "Evergreen Trail."

Additional trail construction will proceed as SORBA Atlanta raises the necessary funds.