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The Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce building in the City of Bellaire (the office has since moved)

Southwest Houston is a region in Houston, Texas, United States.

South West Houston is considered to be the area from around Beltway 8 to Highway 6, south of Interstate 10. Many low-income apartment complexes are located in Southwest Houston.[1] The apartment complexes bordered by U.S. Route 59 (Southwest Freeway) and Bissonnet Road, including properties along Bellaire Boulevard and Gulfton Drive, are dense and known for crime.[2] Illegal immigrants came to the apartments, which began attracting low income tenants after the 1980s Texas oil bust. Hurricane Katrina refugees came to the apartments in 2005.[3] About 1/5 of Houston's homicides in 2005 occurred in this area.[citation needed]

The Houston Metropolitan Chamber, formerly the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce, serves several neighborhoods often identified as "Southwest Houston."[4]


From the 1980 U.S. Census to the 1990 Census, many African-Americans left traditional African-American neighborhoods and entered parts of Southwest Houston; areas of Southwest Houston received from more than 1,000 African-Americans per square mile to more than 3,500 African-Americans per square mile. Many Asian-Americans moved into Southwest Houston during the same period. They were mostly Chinese American, Indian American, and Pakistani American; some pockets of Cambodian Americans, Korean Americans, and Vietnamese Americans appeared during that period.[5]

On May 31, 2013, the Houston Fire Department suffered its largest casualty in a single event, the Southwest Inn fire, with four firefighters killed and 13 others were injured while fighting a 5-alarm fire at Southwest Inn,[6] located in the Greater Sharpstown district of Southwest Houston.[7][8]

Neighborhoods and communities considered to be in Southwest Houston[edit]

Neighborhoods and communities in Houston defined as Southwest Houston by the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce [1]:

Cities defined by the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce as in "Southwest Houston":

Other neighborhoods and communities in Houston considered to be in Southwest Houston:

Other neighborhoods and communities outside of Houston considered to be in Southwest Houston


Headquarters of Rice Epicurean Markets

The corporate office for Rice Epicurean Markets is located on a lot in Southwest Houston.[11] Rice established its headquarters there in 1960, and the current 16,000 square feet (1,500 m2) headquarters facilities opened on that land in 2005.[12]


Some areas in southwest Houston are within the Houston Independent School District. Some areas are in the Alief Independent School District.

The Imani School is in Southwest Houston.[13]

Notable residents[edit]


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