People's Will (parliamentary group)

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People's Will
Воля народу
Leader Vacant
Founded February 27, 2014; 22 months ago (2014-02-27)
Headquarters Verkhovna Rada, Kiev, Ukraine
Ideology Centrism, Pro-Europeanism
Political position Centre
Colours      Green
Verkhovna Rada
20 / 450
Politics of Ukraine
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People's Will (Ukrainian: Воля народу), formerly known as Sovereign European Ukraine (Ukrainian: Соборна європейська Україна), is a Ukrainian parliamentary faction in its national parliament Verkhovna Rada.


Sovereign European Ukraine[edit]

The faction Sovereign European Ukraine was created on 27 February 2014.[2] It was created by MP Ihor Yeremeyev who had till then had not been a member of any faction.[3] The group included 35 MPs.[2] Most of them had been, like Yeremeyev, unaffiliated.[1][3] According to Yeremeyev not wanting a ministerial post had been one of the proviso to join the faction when it was established.[4]

On its first day the faction with 250 other MPs sign up to join the coalition supporting the Yatsenyuk Government with the Batkivshchyna, UDAR, Svoboda factions and the Economic Development faction and other MPs.[5]

The main policy aim of the faction were European integration and lustration, which is the purge of government officials associated with the past Communist system.[6][4]

People's Will[edit]

The parliamentary group was revived after the 2014 parliamentary elections in Ukraine by Yeremeyev; but was renamed "People's Will".[7] The new leader of the parliamentary group was again Yeremeyev.[8][7]


Verkhovna Rada
Constituency /total
Overall seats won
Seat change
Government Ref
Popular vote
Seats /total
35 / 450
2014 19/450
19 / 450
Decrease 16 [1]


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