Sovereign Military Order of Malta passport

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Not to be confused with Maltese passport.
Sovereign Military Order of Malta passport
The front cover of a contemporary Sovereign Military Order of Malta diplomatic biometric passport
Issued by  Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Sovereign Military Order of Malta

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta passport is a travel document issued to officials of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM). The order issues biometric passports which are fully ICAO9303 compliant.

The application and printing process is handled by the Österreichische Staatsdruckerei (Vienna, Austria).

By agreement with the Italian government, citizenship of the S.M.O.M. is limited to three: the Grand Master, the Deputy Grand Master, and the Chancellor. These carry S.M.O.M. passports. The numerous other members of the order remain citizens of their own respective countries. [1]

Physical appearance[edit]

Passport covers carry the text in French: 'Ordre Souverain Militaire de Malte' above the coat of arms, and passeport below it.[1] Diplomatic passports are red, whereas service passports are black.

The country-code XOM has been assigned by the ICAO after consultation with the SMOM and the machine-readable zone thus starts with P<XOM.


The SMOM has diplomatic relationships with 105 countries,[2] which therefore accept the passport. In the Schengen area (where most of the extraterritorialities of the order are located) it is recognized by 12 (Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Hungary, Austria, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia) out of 27 members.[3]

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