Sovetskaya Belorussiya – Belarus' Segodnya

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Sovetskaya Belorussiya- Belarus Segodnya (Russian: Советская Белоруссия- Беларусь Сегодня) is the largest and most read daily newspaper in Belarus, with daily circulation of over 500,000. It was founded on August 2, 1927, but since 1994 it's the official organ of the Presidential Administration of Belarus.


Huge photographs of President Alexander Lukashenko regularly appear on the front page, and his speeches are quoted extensively in the inside pages, filling pages with the texts of presidential decrees and the laws passed by parliament.

The editor-in-chief, Pavel Yakubovich, is a personal appointee of Lukashenko. Yakubovich says he will remain in the post "until he gets tired of me". He even admitted that his newspaper can adopt a critical tone when it comes to directors of government corporations, mayors and members of the parliament, but by no means can it criticize the actions of the head of state.

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