Soviet Union men's national water polo team

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Soviet Union
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
AssociationФедерация водного поло СССР
ConfederationLEN (Europe)
Olympic Games
Appearances9 (first in 1952)
Best result1st, gold medalist(s) (1972, 1980)
World Championships
Appearances6 (first in 1973)
Best result1st, gold medalist(s) (1975, 1982)
World Cup
Appearances6 (first in 1979)
Best result1st, gold medalist(s) (1981, 1983)

The Soviet Union men's national water polo team represented the Soviet Union in international water polo competitions. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Russian national water polo team became the successor of Soviet team.


Olympic Games[edit]

  • 1924Did not participate
  • 1928Did not participate
  • 1932Did not participate
  • 1936Did not participate
  • 1948Did not participate
  • 1952 — 7th place
  • 19563rd, bronze medalist(s) Bronze medal
  • 19602nd, silver medalist(s) Silver medal
  • 19643rd, bronze medalist(s) Bronze medal
  • 19682nd, silver medalist(s) Silver medal
  • 19721st, gold medalist(s) Gold medal
  • 1976 — 8th place
  • 19801st, gold medalist(s) Gold medal
  • 1984Did not participate
  • 19883rd, bronze medalist(s) Bronze medal

World Championship[edit]

  • 19732nd, silver medalist(s) Silver medal
  • 19751st, gold medalist(s) Gold medal
  • 1978 — 4th place
  • 19821st, gold medalist(s) Gold medal
  • 19863rd, bronze medalist(s) Bronze medal
  • 1991 — 7th place

FINA Water Polo World Cup[edit]

  • 19794th place
  • 19811st, gold medalist(s) Gold medal
  • 19831st, gold medalist(s) Gold medal
  • 1985Did not participate
  • 19872nd, silver medalist(s) Silver medal
  • 1989 — 6th place
  • 1991 — 5th place

Player statistics[edit]