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Flag of Russia.svg
Team managerAndrey Savin
Team captainDenis Gizatullin
Nation colourBlue
SWC Wins0

Russia are an international speedway team who compete in the major international competition, the Speedway World Cup. They are managed by Andrey Savin and the current captain is Rybnik's Denis Gizatullin.

2009 Squad[edit]


Speedway World Cup[edit]

The Russia national speedway team has never won the Speedway World Cup although have been runner up on 5 occasions as the Soviet Union and once as Russia. They have never been a major force but are consistent qualifiers for the group stage.

The following table shows their best recent performance in 1996 when the tournament was run with pairs rather than teams.

Year Venue Standings (Pts) Russia Riders and Pts
1996 Germany
1. Poland Poland (27)
2. Russia RUSSIA (22)
3. Denmark Denmark (21)
4. Germany Germany (20)
5. Sweden Sweden (14)
6. England England (12)
4. Hungary Hungary (9)
Rinat Mardanshin 13+1
Sergei Darkin 4+1
Oleg Kurguskin -
+1,2... - bonus points gained by finishing behind teammate
+1j,+2j... - extra points gained in joker ride

Team U-21 World Championship[edit]

Year Place Pts. Riders
2005 - - 3rd place in Qualifying Round 3
2006 - - 3rd place in Qualifying Round 2
2007 - - 4th place in Qualifying Round 1
2008 - - 4th place in Qualifying Round 1
Year Place Pts. Riders

Notable Soviet Union and Russian Riders[edit]

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