Soviet partisan brigade 1941–44

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Soviet partisan brigade (1941—1944) (Belarusian: партызанская брыгада), was the organisational form of the Soviet partisan units, the principal organisational form of the units operating on the territory of BSSR.[1]

On the BSSR territory, the first brigade-like unit («Pavlovskiy harrison») was created in January 1942 (Aktsyabrski dist. of Palesye province).

The brigade comprised from several hundred to several thousand fighting persons in 3—7 detachments (rarely called battalions).

The emphasis on the brigades was put in order to enhance the offensive capabilituies of the partisan units, to facilitate their cooperation, mutual coordination of activities, more effective radio communications and logistical support.


  1. ^ As in the 1941 borders.


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