Soviet submarine B-515

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U-434 docked in Hamburg
Soviet Union, Russia
Class and type: Tango class submarine
Name: B-515
Builder: Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod)
Launched: 1976
Out of service: 2000
Fate: Museum ship in Hamburg
General characteristics
  • Surfaced: 3100tons
  • Submerged: 3800tons
Length: 90.16 m (295 ft 10 in)
Beam: 8.72 m (28 ft 7 in)
Height: 14.72 m (48 ft 4 in)
Draught: 7.2 m (23 ft 7 in)
Propulsion: 3 diesels delivering 4.6MW (6256shp) with 3 electric motors driving 3 shafts.
  • Surfaced 13 knots (24 km/h; 15 mph)
  • submerged 16 knots (30 km/h; 18 mph)
Complement: 78
  • Six 533mm (21in) bow launched torpedoes.
  • 24 533mm (21in) anti submarine and anti ship torpedoes or equivalent load of mines

Soviet submarine B-515 was a Tango-class submarine of the Soviet and Russian Navies. She was built in 1976 and remained in active service until 2001.[1] She is currently docked in Hamburg and is open to the public as a museum exhibit. The submarine is sometimes referred to as U-434, which derives from the pennant number painted on the vessel.

This submarine was used for hunting, espionage, and patrol purposes. A 78-man crew operated the boat.[2]

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Coordinates: 53°32′42″N 9°57′19″E / 53.544941°N 9.955217°E / 53.544941; 9.955217