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The Soweto String Quartet is a string quartet from Soweto in South Africa composed of Reuben Khemese, Makhosini Mnguni, Sandile Khemese and Thami Khemese.[1][2][3]Their music is a fusion of the "dance rhythms of Kwela, the syncopated guitars of Mbaqanga, the saxophones and trumpets of swaying African jazz and the voices of people singing in joyous, easy harmony". The Soweto String Quartet is autonomous and independent and has not affiliated with any organisation or institution since its inception. The quartet became a full-time professional outfit in 1992. They performed at President Mandela's inauguration, after which Mandela started recommending them for other jobs.[4]


  • Zebra Crossing (1994)
  • Renaissance (1996)
  • Millenia (1998)
  • Rhythms of Africa (1999)
  • Four (2001)
  • Our World (2003)
  • Collections (2007)


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