Radio y Televisión de Guerrero

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Radio y Televisión de Guerrero
Type Broadcast television network
Country Mexico
Availability Guerrero, Mexico
Owner Guerrero state government
Official website

Radio y Televisión de Guerrero is a statewide public television network and series of radio stations, owned and operated by the agency of the same name of the State of Guerrero.


RTG began operations in 1980 with a television station, "Televisión Educativa", channel 7 in the state capital of Chilpancingo. On April 1, 1983, Radio Guerrero, then a separate department of the state government was founded. Its first station was XEGRO-AM 870 in Chilpancingo, and the first program on the station was the second government report of Alejandro Cervantes Delgado. In 1986, XEGRC-AM 820 was built in Coyuca de Catalán.

On June 26, 1987, the television and radio services were combined as Radio y Televisión de Guerrero. The following year, the radio and TV services expanded. Channel 7 added a more powerful transmitter in Acapulco, while AM stations were added in Ometepec and Taxco. At the end of the year, XHGRC-FM 97.7 Acapulco, the flagship of the entire service, came to air. While permitted by 2000, XHZTA-FM 92.1 in Zihuatanejo did not come on air until October 2016.

XEGRO-AM in Chilpancingo was off the air beginning in June 2012, when its equipment was stolen. In 2015, the state government began working to restore the station to service with equipment shared by XECHH-XHCHH "Capital Máxima".[1]


RTG holds permits for these radio stations:[2][3]

All of the AM stations are authorized as daytimers but operate from 5am to midnight. The FM stations operate 24 hours a day.


RTG broadcasts a television service on two stations[4] and on Satmex 5 C-band satellite nationally (4105 MHz, H, 2666kbit/s, FEC 3/4).

RF VC Callsign Location ERP
33 4 XHACG-TDT Acapulco 5.79 kW[5]
35 4 XHHCG-TDT Chilpancingo 0.4349 kW[6]

In the 2000s, the IPN's Once TV supplied programming to RTG under agreement. In 2006, Canal Once supplied 15 hours a day (on weekdays) of programming to RTG.[7]

RTG's broadcasts in Chilpancingo have been sporadic. In 2012, it was reported that this transmitter was being shut down to conserve electricity.[8] It received its digital authorization very late in 2016, for RF channel 35.

RTG began digital transmissions in 2016 in Acapulco on physical channel 33 and moved to virtual channel 4 in October 2016.