Soziedad Alkoholika

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Soziedad Alkoholika
S.A. Viñarock 2008.JPG
Background information
Also known as SA
Origin Basque Country, Spain
Genres Crossover thrash, thrash metal, groove metal, hardcore punk
Years active 1988 - present
Labels Overdrive, Oihuka Diskak, Roadrunner, Mil A Gritos, Locomotive
Members Juan
Alfred Berengena
Past members Iñaki

Soziedad Alkoholika, commonly abbreviated to S.A., is a crossover thrash band from the Basque Country in Spain. They were founded in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1988.[1] Their lyrics tend to have a crude, direct and somewhat emotional approach to politics and, among others, deal with issues such as: militarism, fascism, racism, sexism, state violence and monarchy.

Over the years S.A. has become a controversial and yet successful band with considerable impact in the underground Spanish and Latin American punk and metal scenes.

From 2002 to 2006 the band was repeatedly accused by Asociación de Víctimas del Terrorismo (AVT) and other right-wing groups of glorifying ETA´s terrorism,.[2][3] They were ultimately acquitted of all charges, but as a consequence of this controversy, S.A. has been banned by some conservative local governments from playing in several places in Spain, Madrid being one of them.

Soziedad Alkoholika denounces the lack of freedom and the existing state oppression in the Basque Country, defends the right to self-determination and advocates for the dismantlement of the Basque Police Forces Ertzaintza. It also calls for the independence of the Basque Country, opposes animal testing and supports the Palestinian cause against the State of Israel.[1]



Year Name Label Format
1990 Intoxikazión etílika DDT Demo
1991 Soziedad Alkoholika Overdrive CD/LP
1992 Feliz Falsedad EP Overdrive CD/EP
1993 Y Ese Que Tanto Habla, Está Totalmente Hueco, Ya Sabéis Que El Cántaro Vacío Es El Que Más Suena Oihuka CD/LP
1995 Ratas Mil a Gritos Records CD/LP
1996 Diversiones...? Mil a Gritos Records CD/LP
1997 No Intente Hacer Esto En Su Casa Mil a Gritos Records CD/LP
1999 Directo Mil a Gritos Records CD
2000 Polvo en los Ojos Mil a Gritos Records CD
2003 Tiempos Oscuros Locomotive CD
2008 Mala Sangre Roadrunner Records CD/LP
2009 Sesion#2 Roadrunner Records CD/LP
2011 Cadenas De Odio[4] Mil A Gritos Records CD/LP
2013 Caucho Ardiendo EP Noise Digital download
2017 Sistema Antisocial[5] Maldito Digital download


Year Name Label Format
1994 Kontzertua Gaztetxean DDT VHS
2006 Corrosiva! Locomotive DVD/CD


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