Spårväg City

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Spårväg City
Sergels Torg
Norrmalmstorg Only used by Djurgårdslinjen
Djurgårdsbron (60 m)
Nordic Museum/Vasa Museum
z. Depot Falkenbergsgatan
Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund
turning loop Skansen

Spårväg City is a tram line in central Stockholm, inaugurated in 2010. It is the first tram line in regular traffic in central Stockholm since 1967. The service is run by AB Stockholms Spårvägar for Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, using the name "Route 7" ("Linje 7").

It is essentially an elongation of Djurgårdslinjen, which has been operated with historical cars since 1991 between Norrmalmstorg and Waldemarsudde. Djurgårdslinjen was first considered to be just a museum-oturist line, but has proven to be in much demand also by regular travels. Plans are to build the Spårväg City to reach from Kungsholmen in the west to the Lidingö bridge in the east, where it is suggested to be connected to Lidingöbanan.

The regular tram service between Sergels torg and Waldemarsudde started on 23 August 2010 with six modern low floor trams of type A34, which is the Swedish designation for the Flexity Classic. The cars are a dark, almost black, brown colour with gold stripes, as opposed to the traditional light blue trams of Stockholm prior to 1967.

Line Stretch Length Stations
7 Sergels TorgWaldemarsudde/Bellmansro 3.5 km (2.2 mi) 11
Stockholm.Spårvägslinje 7.svg


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AB Stockholms Spårvägar will also continue driving the museum trams on the original Norrmalmstorg - Skansen line that opened in 1991. This line is called "Djurgårdslinjen" or "Linje 7N" (i.e. Line 7N, "N" for the destination Norrmalmstorg).


The building of the line has been somewhat controversial, as the opposition in the Municipal Assembly (kommunfullmäktige) claims the line is too expensive and that it only serves well-off areas of Östermalm. It has been nicknamed "NK-expressen", since it lets you go directly from prestigious Strandvägen to the fashionable department store NK.