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Elevation 1,414 m (4,639 ft)
Prominence 470 m (1,540 ft)[1]
Location Nordre Land and Etnedal, Oppland, Norway
Coordinates 61°04′37″N 9°47′22″E / 61.07694°N 9.78944°E / 61.07694; 9.78944Coordinates: 61°04′37″N 9°47′22″E / 61.07694°N 9.78944°E / 61.07694; 9.78944
Topo map 1717 II Synnfjell

Spåtind is a mountain in the middle between Lillehammer and Fagernes. The summit lies on the border between the municipalities Nordre Land and Etnedal, both in the county of Oppland. Spåtind is the highest mountain in the mountain area Synnfjell.

There are numerous cabins situated around the mountain, the largest cluster being Hugulia on the southern side. On the western side there is a facility for alpine skiing and a hotel.