Spaç Prison

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Spaç Prison
Spaç Prison, Mirditë, Albania – General View 2018 02.jpg
The main buildings of the Spaç Prison in 2018
LocationReps, Lezhë County,
Coordinates41°54′4″N 20°2′51″E / 41.90111°N 20.04750°E / 41.90111; 20.04750Coordinates: 41°54′4″N 20°2′51″E / 41.90111°N 20.04750°E / 41.90111; 20.04750
StatusClosed (Planned to be a Museum)
Security classMaximum
Managed byCommunist Albania

The Spaç Prison (Albanian: Burgu i Spaçit) was a political prison in Communist Albania at the village of Spaç. The former prison is listed as a second-category national monument. There were plans to turn the rapidly deteriorating site into a museum,[1] but as of February 2013, no progress had been made at the location. In 1973, a number of prisoners staged a rebellion where the non-communist flag was raised. In 1984, a similar rebellion took place at the prison of Qafë Bar.[2]

In 2015, the prison was listed by the New York-based organisation World Monument Fund as one of the 50 most endangered monuments worldwide. [3]

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