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Allied officers of the Armistice Commission at Spa

The Spa Conference was a meeting between the Supreme War Council and the government of the Weimar Republic in Spa, Belgium on 5–16 July 1920.[1] It was the first post-war conference to include German representatives. The attendees included British and French Prime Ministers Lloyd George and Alexandre Millerand, German Chancellor Constantin Fehrenbach. The Conference mainly discussed disarmament of Germany and war reparations required by the Treaty of Versailles.[1]

The conference also discussed the territorial dispute over Cieszyn Silesia between the Second Polish Republic and Czechoslovakia. After the conference, on 28 July 1920, the territory was divided between the states leaving Zaolzie with a sizable Polish minority on the Czech side of the border. This division also created further future animosities between these two countries.[2]

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