Space (1965 film)

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Space (1965 film)
Directed by Andy Warhol
Produced by Andy Warhol
Written by Ronald Tavel
Starring Edie Sedgwick
Gino Piserchio
Dorothy Dean
Eric Andersen
Norman Levine
Andy Warhol Films
Distributed by The Factory
Release dates
July 1965
Running time
70 min.
Country United States
Language English

Space (1965) is an underground film directed by Andy Warhol, written by Ronald Tavel, and starring Edie Sedgwick, Gino Piserchio, Dorothy Dean, Ed Hennessey, singer-songwriter Eric Andersen, and Norman Levine. Unlike many of Warhol's other films made at The Factory, this film involved a moving camera, moving around the actors as they stood still.[1][2]


The film features a melange of casual talking, food fights, and folk singing. The film includes Eric Andersen with his guitar, singing his lines, and leading Edie Sedgwick and her friends in unscripted sing-alongs of popular songs including "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

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