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For the Miami nightclub, see Club Space
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Space (/ˈsps/, Spanish: [esˈpeis], Catalan: [əsˈpejs]) is a nightclub on the island of Ibiza, Spain, owned by STANCA. It was awarded "Best Global Club" at the International Dance Music Awards in 2005, 2006, 2012, and again in 2013.[1] Space is located in Playa d'en Bossa on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, close to the airport.


Space first opened in early summer, 1986. The opening night featured the opening of the water park Aguamar located behind the club, party-goers being able to take advantage of the waterslides at night.

Space in its current form began in 1989 when Pepe Rosello, Ibiza nightclub owner since 1963, took over the establishment, which in the four years since it was built had housed a conference hall with a discothèque. The opening policy agreed with Spanish licensing laws, which state that an establishment must close for at least two hours a day.

The first DJs to shape the venue into its current shape were Alex P and Brandon Block — two British club DJs/Producers and residents of Sunday Space Terrace — Space's outdoor terrace, where airliners roar overhead.[2] This open terrace and the roaring sound of the airliners breaking through the booming dance music has become one of the club's defining features. Since Amnesia and Privilege have had to encase their open-air dance-floors due to noise complaints from their neighbours, Space remains one of the few venues where club-goers can have this experience, and the crowd's greeting of the arriving aircraft [3][4] has also become a ritual among the club's patrons.

Other resident DJs/producers responsible for the club's popularity include Reche, Jose de Divina and Jon Ulysses. And also Carl Cox during 15 years[5] Space released compilations every year via the former Azuli label and now with CR2 Records.[6]

"We Love Sundays"[edit]

Space's Flagship Sunday sessions began in 1999. We Love... Space is a weekly party which opens at 4.30 pm on Sunday and keeps going until 6 AM Monday morning. The event runs for 16 weeks throughout the summer season.

New hours[edit]

Following the closure of three of Ibiza's Clubs at the start of the 2007 season,[7] local authorities have hinted at plans to alter the licensing regulations that allow clubs to open for 22 h per day.[8] Suggestions at present would allow for clubs to open at noon.[9] Clubs may not open before 8 a.m.

Brazilian affiliate[edit]

On 29 December 2012, Space opened its first affiliate at Balneário Camboriú, on Santa Catarina, Brazil, named Space B. Camboriú.[10]

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