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Space Age Electronics Inc
Industry Fire detection and notification systems
Electrical Accessories
Founded 1963
Headquarters Sterling, Massachusetts
Key people

Joseph H Mongeau, President
James A Mongeau, Director of Business Development

Eugene Mongeau, Founder and Owner

Space Age Electronics (SAE) is a manufacturing company specializing in fire protection equipment and accessories, located in Sterling, Massachusetts. Founded in 1963, the company is known for its fire alarm notification appliances.


In 1970, Space Age Electronics introduced the first visual notification appliances, the AV32 and the AV34 light plate. They used relabeled Federal Vibratone 450D's for their series of 2DCD horns, which were often used with the AV32 or 34.Other popular horns used would be Wheelock 34T-24's, Wheelock 34's or speakers. These would also be used with horns made by other companies, generally Wheelock, Federal Signal, Faraday or Simplex models. Along with the AV32 and 34, they also introduced the V33 remote light, for situations where a retrofit would not be possible or no audible appliance was necessary.

Sometime in the late 1980s, Space Age introduced strobe versions of the AV32, AV34 and V33. Instead of using a dim incandescent light, it used a xenon strobe with a clear lens. The VA-series notification appliances were introduced in 1994, and ultimately replaced the AV32 series, which continued to be made until 1997. However, the V33 continued to be manufactured for general signaling purposes, and was replaced in 2006 by the Guardian Light.

Current Products[edit]

Space Age Electronics currently markets their IAV series of electronic horn/strobes and speaker/strobes. They also manufacture graphic annunciators, duct smoke detectors, relays, surge protectors, and various fire alarm/life safety accessories. Space Age's products are still used by many popular fire alarm companies, such as Honeywell (particularly the Gamewell-FCI and Notifier subsidiaries), Faraday, EST and Simplex.


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