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Space Cowboy may refer to:



  • "Space Cowboy", a song by the Steve Miller Band from the 1969 album Brave New World
    • "The Joker", a song by the Steve Miller Band from the 1973 album The Joker, often mistakenly called "Space Cowboy" due to a prominent lyric that references the song from the album Brave New World
  • "Space Cowboy" (Banaroo song), from the album Banaroo's World
  • "Space Cowboy", a song from the Jonzun Crew album Lost in Space
  • "Space Cowboy", a song from the 2000 'N Sync album No Strings Attached
  • "Space Cowboy", a song from the 2012 album "Eye of the Hurricane" by Ilse DeLange
  • "Space Cowboy" (Jamiroquai song), appearing on the Jamiroquai album The Return of the Space Cowboy
  • "Space Cowboy", a song from the Abney Park album The End of Days

Other uses[edit]

  • Space Cowboy Online, alternative name in North America for the role playing game Ace Online
  • "The Space Cowboy", a character in the Stephen King novel Gerald's Game
  • "See you Space Cowboy...", a line that ends almost every episode of the TV series Cowboy Bebop
  • Used as an insult by Captain Cornelius Butt to refer to the cowboy hat wearing crewman Buzz in the movie Galaxina
  • George Peppard's character in Battle Beyond The Stars
  • The occupation of Joey Tribiani's childhood imaginary friend on "Friends."

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