Space Crusade: The Voyage Beyond

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Space Crusade

Space Crusade: The Voyage Beyond is a computer game based on the Space Crusade board game. It was one of the video games of the Warhammer 40,000 series.


The Voyage Beyond was an expansion to the first Space Crusade video game.


Space Crusade is a conversion of the Space Crusade boardgame.


The reviewer from CU Amiga proclaimed: "If you enjoyed the original, then get hold of this."[1] The reviewer from Amiga Power called the game "definitely quality stuff and well up to the original's standards".[2] The reviewer from The One Amiga called it "a simplistic but fun RPG that is never less than engrossing".[3] The reviewer from Amiga Format stated that "The Voyage Beyond expands upon a good strategy game".[4]