Space Lords (short story collection)

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Space Lords
First edition
Author Cordwainer Smith
Cover artist Jack Gaughan
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Pyramid Books
Publication date
May 1965
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 206
OCLC 16160860

Space Lords is a collection of science fiction short stories by the American writer Cordwainer Smith. It was first published by Pyramid Books in 1965.

The stories belong to a series describing a future history set in the universe of the Instrumentality of Mankind.

The book is dedicated "to the memory of Eleanor Jackson of Louisa, Virginia, 20 February 1919 to 30 November 1964". In a moving letter to her, we learn that she was an African-American housekeeper for the author during many years, and that she died unexpectedly while visiting him to help when he was sick and working on this book. (Note that in Cordwainer Smith's novel "Norstrilia", the hero is accompanied by his "workwoman Eleanor", to whom he shows great loyalty - "It's up to me to do what I can for her. Always.")