Space Marines (film)

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Space Marines
Space Marines.jpg
Directed by John Weidner
Written by Rob Moreland
Music by Randy Miller
Cinematography Garett Griffin
Edited by Brian L. Chambers
Daniel Lawrence
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • July 28, 1996 (1996-07-28)
Running time
95 minutes
Language English

Space Marines is a 1996 film.


In the future, space has been colonized. As humanity expanded, the Marine Corps became the Space Force. Col. Fraser (John Pyper-Ferguson), a former Marine officer who has become a pirate, has his pirates hijack a new synthetic explosive. Light and concealable, it is the perfect improvised explosive device. He takes hostages at a local colony to draw out an Earth negotiator (James Shigeta), who is escorted by a Marine fire team under the command of Capt. Gray (Edward Albert). He then takes him hostage on his ship, as well as the Sgt. in charge of the security detail. After a short space chase, he arrives with demands for gold in exchange for the negotiator's life. Col. Fraser is killed by a new recruit, who shoots him through his own torso, killing them both in the process.



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