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Space Micro Inc.
Industry Aerospace
Founded 2002
Founder David J. Strobel
Headquarters San Diego, California, USA
Key people
David J. Strobel, David Czajkowski
Number of employees
Divisions Space Electronics, Advanced Materials, Microwave and RF

Space Micro Inc is an American company that supplies radiation hardened electronics for space and military applications.


Space Micro acquired AeroAstro from Comtech.


Space Micro's primary focus is on designing and building radiation hardened single board computers for satellites, including FPGA and PowerPC-based computers. Beyond single board computers, Space Micro develops other radiation hardened electronics for space applications, such as flash memory, divert attitude control systems (DACS), radio transponders, and radiation hardened software defined radios.

Business Organization[edit]

Space Micro is organized under four business sections.

  • RF and Microwave
    • This section houses all standard and custom RF products, including SGLS/STDN/USB Transponders, X/Ku/Ka-Band Mission Data Transmitters. Many products in this section feature flight heritage, including recent product launches on the NASA IRIS and LADEE missions.
  • Digital Systems
    • This section houses all Digital Computing Products, peripherals and custom imaging products, including the Proton 100k, 200k, 300k, and 400k series Single-board computers, the ProtonX-Box Avionics Suite, the IPC-5000 Digital image processing Computer, and the HPIU hosted payload interface unit.
  • Attitude Determination systems
    • This section houses all Digital Star Trackers and Sun Sensors which are optimized for space.
  • Advanced Materials
    • This section houses all Advanced Materials.

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