Space Patrol Luluco

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Space Patrol Luluco
Space Patrol Luluco key visual.jpg
Key visual
(Uchū Patorōru Ruruko)
Genre Science fiction, Comedy, Romance
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi
Written by Hiroyuki Imaishi
Music by Kenichiro Suehiro
Studio Trigger
Licensed by
Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11
Original run April 1, 2016 June 24, 2016
Episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Written by Trigger, Hiroyuki Imaishi
Illustrated by Nanboku
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Ultra Jump
Original run April 2016April 2016
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Space Patrol Luluco (宇宙パトロールルル子, Uchū Patorōru Ruruko) is an anime television series created by Hiroyuki Imaishi and produced by Trigger.[1] The series aired in Japan between April and June 2016 as part of the Ultra Super Anime Time programming block.[2]


Luluco is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives in the solar system frontier space colonization zone Ogikubo together with her father, who works for the zone's Space Patrol division. Despite being a part of this wondrous district full of alien immigrants, Luluco would rather live the life of a normal schoolgirl. When her father is accidentally frozen by alien contraband, Luluco is forced to request help from her father's Space Patrol division. She is appointed a member of the Space Patrol by the division chief, named Over Justice, in order to pay the fees required to revive her father. From then on, Luluco's previously normal life faces drastic changes as she is sent on daily missions to protect Ogikubo from space criminals. On these missions she bands together with her assigned partner and alien exchange student ΑΩ (pronounced "Alpha Omega") Nova, as well as their fairly normal mutual classmate Midori.


Luluco (ルル子, Ruruko)
Voiced by: M·A·O[3][1] (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski[4] (English)
The main character of the story, she is a thirteen-year-old middle school student who lives together with her father in Ogikubo. Her one true wish is to lead a normal life despite her odd living place. When her father accidentally freezes himself and falls into pieces, she has to bring him to his workplace where she is assigned the role of a space officer against her will.
Alpha Omega Nova (ΑΩ・ノヴァ, Arufa Omega Nova)
Voiced by: Junya Enoki[3][1] (Japanese); Justin Briner[4] (English)
A Space Patrol officer and partner of Luluco. He is also a recent transfer student at Luluco's school and her classmate.
Midori (ミドリ)
Voiced by: Mayumi Shintani[3][1] (Japanese); Jamie Marchi[4] (English)
A fellow student at Luluco's school and classmate. After being caught as the publisher and distributor of a quasi-legal Blackhole App, she volunteers to join the Space Patrol in order to get out of any punishments for her crime, as well as to spend more time at the side of ΑΩ Nova.
General Manager Over Justice (オーバージャスティス本部長, Ōbā Jasutisu Honbuchō)
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada[3][1] (Japanese); Bob Carter[4] (English)
The head of the Space Patrol Ogikubo Branch and Luluco's boss.
Secretary (秘書, Hisho)
A temporary staff worker at the Space Patrol. She serves as Over Justice's personal secretary.
Keiji (ケイジ)
Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata[3][1] (Japanese); Brett Weaver[4] (English)
A Space Patrol officer and Luluco's father who becomes frozen after eating a strange pellet.
Lalaco Godspeed (ララ子・ゴッドスピード, Rarako Goddosupīdo)
Voiced by: Yōko Honna[3][1] (Japanese); Monica Rial[4] (English)
Luluco's mother. She is a space pirate who seeks to take over Ogikubo. Just like the members of the Space Patrol, she is able to use a gun morphing ability, called "God Pirate's Gun Morphing".



Space Patrol Luluco aired in Japan between April 1, 2016 and June 24, 2016 and was simulcast by Crunchyroll.[5] The series is written and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi with character design by Mago and Yusuke Yoshigaki. The opening theme is "CRYmax Dohejitsu" (CRYまっくすド平日, Kuraimakkusu Dohejitsu, lit. "CRYmax Ultra Ordinary Days") by Fujirokku while the ending theme is "Pipo Password" by Teddyloid feat. Bonjour Suzuki. The series features cameo appearances from other Trigger animations, including Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, Inferno Cop, Kiznaiver, and Sex and Violence with Machspeed.[6] Funimation has licensed the series in North America with a dub available in October 10, 2017.[7]

No. Title Original air date
1 "I'm a Normal Middle School Student"
"Watashi, Futsū no Chūgakusei" (私、普通の中学生) 
April 1, 2016
Thirteen year old Luluco lives with her father in Ogikubo; a solar system district where aliens and Earthlings coexist. When her father accidentally eats a pill that freezes him in a block of ice, Luluco takes him to the police station, only to be forced to take his place as a member of the Space Patrol. 
2 "A New Transfer Student Arrives!"
"Tenkōsei ga Kita!" (転校生が来た!) 
April 8, 2016
Things get stranger for Luluco, as the arrival of a new transfer student and partner named Alpha Omega Nova shakes things up even further.[8] 
3 "Battlefield Classroom"
"Senjō Kyōshitsu" (戦場教室) 
April 15, 2016
Luluco and Nova discover their classmate, Midori, to be the creator of the illegal Blackhole App. After her plans are foiled, Midori ends up joining the Space Patrol, much to Luluco's dismay. 
4 "Into the Sky All Alone"
"Hitoribocchi no Sora e" (ひとりぼっちの空へ) 
April 22, 2016
A meteorite comes hurtling towards Ogikubo, and only the Space Patrol trio can prevent Armageddon.[9] 
5 "What Should I Do?"
"Dōshitara Ii no" (どうしたらいいの) 
April 29, 2016
Lalaco Godspeed, Luluco's mother and Space Pirate Captain, unveils her grand plan... and it involves Ogikubo?! [10] 
6 "That One Part Awakens"
"Mezameta sono Bubun" (目覚めたその部分) 
May 6, 2016
Luluco and the others attempt to stop Lalaco from selling off Ogikubo to the highest bidder. 
7 "Thread of Fate's Trap"
"Unmei no Ito no Wana" (運命の糸の罠) 
May 13, 2016
In their search for Ogikubo, Luluco and co. find themselves on a planet covered in thread, coming against an adversary who resembles Nova. 
8 "The Mysterious Power's Trap"
"Fushigi na Chikara no Wana" (不思議な力の罠) 
May 20, 2016
Luluco and Nova visit a witch academy planet, where a witch named Sucy gives Luluco some poisonous mushrooms that will allegedly kill her in six minutes. 
9 "The True Trap"
"Hontō no Wana" (本当の罠) 
May 27, 2016
Luluco visits the detective team of Sex, Violence, and MachSpeed for dating advice on badger planet SVM-Z, but ends up landing in the crossfire between the Badger Game Detective Agency and the T-Bone Syndicate. 
10 "It's All Over"
"Zenbu Owari" (全部おわり) 
June 3, 2016
Nova is revealed to be a Nothingling working under an evil Blackholeian, who breaks Luluco's fragile heart and kills her. 
11 "I Never Knew"
"Watashi, Wakattenakatta" (私、わかってなかった) 
June 10, 2016
Finding herself in Hell, Luluco meets former Space Patrol officer Inferno Cop, who helps her realize her first love isn't over yet and come back to life. 
12 "Confession"
"Kokuhaku" (告白) 
June 17, 2016
With help from her family and friends, Luluco sets forth to confront Nova and confess her feelings for him. 
13 "I Am the Universe's..."
"Watashi, Uchū no……" (私、宇宙の……) 
June 24, 2016
With their feelings mutual, Luluco and Nova fight together to defeat the Blackholeian. 


A manga adaptation illustrated by Nanboku began serialization in Shueisha's Ultra Jump magazine from April 2016 and is being released in English by Crunchyroll.[11]


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