Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space

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Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space
Developer(s) Activision
Publisher(s) Activision
Designer(s) Steve Kitchen
Platform(s) Atari 2600 (original)
Atari 8-bit, Atari 5200, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX
Release 1983
Genre(s) Flight simulator
Mode(s) Single-player

Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space is a space flight simulator game designed by Steve Kitchen for the Atari 2600 and published by Activision in 1983.[1] It is one of the first realistic spacecraft simulations available for home systems. Space Shuttle was adapted to the Atari 8-bit family and Atari 5200 by Bob Henderson (1984),[2][3] then ported to the ZX Spectrum (1984),[4] Commodore 64 (1984),[5] Amstrad CPC (1986), and MSX (1986).[6] The 1984 Activision Software catalog also mentions an Apple II version.[7]

The player controls the most critical flight phases such as Launch, Stabilizing Orbit, Docking, Deorbit Burn, Reentry, and Landing, each with its own set of instructions to follow.[1] The original Atari 2600 version came with an overlay since it made use of all the switches.[8]


In an April 1984 review for Video Games magazine, Dan Persons wrote:

Space Shuttle is not a game for everybody. It requires a considerable amount of patience and, perhaps not too surprisingly, a considerable amount of brainpower. Players who seek the visceral thrills of the standard shoot'em-up may ultimately find this simulation's complexity frustrating. But those of you who are ready for a richer, more sophisticated experience will probably recognize Space Shuttle for the monumental achievement it is.[9]