Space Superiority Systems Directorate

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Space Superiority Systems Wing
Space Superiority Systems Wing.png
Space Superiority Systems Wing emblem
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Air Force
Part ofAir Force Space Command
Garrison/HQLos Angeles AFB, California

The Space Superiority Systems Wing (SYSW) at Los Angeles Air Force Base includes the "Space Situational Awareness Group" and the "Counterspace Group".


Their mission is to "develop, deliver, and sustain" capabilities that "ensure space superiority" for the United States.[1] "The visible sensor on the SBSS satellite will be used to provide critical information vital to the protection of US military and civilian satellites," said Lt Col Robert Erickson, squadron commander for Space Based Space Surveillance within the Space Superiority Systems Wing.[2]


The Air Force has proposed to cut in half funding for Counterspace and Space Control programs in its 2011 budget request, while increasing the budget for space tracking.[3]

Squadrons assigned[edit]

Bases stationed[edit]


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