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Space TV
Type Broadcast
Country Azerbaijan
Owner private
Launch date
October 12, 1997
Official website

Space TV is a private television channel in Azerbaijan. It was founded on October 12, 1997.[1]


October 12, 1997–October 11, 2007: Space TV's first consists of an italic brown-coloured circle that bears the "Space" wordmark which is using an stylized Comic Sans Serif-like typeface. For some reason, Space TV did not change its logo around YLE TV1's 1998 squircle 1-numeral logo era from August 1998 to March 2007.

October 12, 2007–September 25, 2012: To coincide its 10th anniversary, Space TV eliminated its italic brown-coloured circle and replaced it with a orange crystal-sphere which is in the center of an yellow ring. At the same time, the "Space" wordmark changes its color from white into yellow.

September 26, 2012–present: In the autumn of 2012, Space TV adopted its current logo which eliminates the circle and makes the "Space" wordmark become fully coloured gold and make it more italic. At the same, a three-striped soundvibe gets added to the logo.


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