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Jarre playing the laser harp

Space of Freedom was a concert performed by French musician Jean Michel Jarre in Poland, at the Gdańsk Shipyard, on August 26, 2005, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Solidarity trade union's foundation.[1] Jarre was invited by Lech Wałęsa to hold this concert,[2] which was watched by an audience of more than 170,000 people who bought tickets,[3] as well as many others who observed the event from outside the shipyard, in high buildings such as Zieleniak and the hills of Góra Gradowa.[citation needed]

Lech Wałęsa, the union leader who led the strikes from 1980, and the current president of the city of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, attended the concert.[1] Lech Wałęsa gave a speech on the meaning of Solidarity and on the non-violent upheaval of the political system.[citation needed]

The concert was broadcast live on Polish Television and Polish Radio, as well as by satellite. It was reproduced in commemorative books, on audio CD and DVD.[4]

Track listing[edit]

  • "Waiting for Cousteau" (pre-concert warm-up)
  • "Shipyard Overture" (originally "Industrial Revolution: Overture")
  • "Oxygene 2" (with a new flute intro titled "Suite for Flute")
  • "Chopin Memories" (new composition)
  • "Aero"
  • "Oxygene 4"
  • "Souvenir" (originally "Souvenir of China")
  • "Geometry of Love"
  • "Equinoxe 4"
  • "Space of Freedom" (originally "March 23")
  • "Aerology"
  • "Chronology 2" (with a new Theremin intro titled "Theremin Memories")
  • Speech by Lech Wałęsa
  • "Mury" (lit. "Walls") (composed by Jacek Kaczmarski)
  • "Chronology 6"
  • "Oxygene 8"
  • "Light My Sky" (originally "Tout Est Bleu", new lyrics)
  • "Tribute to Pope John Paul II" (originally "Akropolis")
  • "Rendez-Vous 2" (version from the "Once upon a Time" performance, dedicated to Pope John Paul II)
  • "Summer-Presto" (from The Four Seasons, composed by Vivaldi)
  • "The Emigrant" (dedicated to Polonia)
  • "Oxygene 12"
  • "Rendez-Vous 4"
  • "Solidarność" (originally "Oxygène 13", dedicated to the workers at the shipyard)
  • "Aerology Remix" (encore)


Published media[edit]

  • Book: Jarre, Jean Michel. Przestrzeń Wolności, 2005. ISBN 83-915166-9-5.
  • Audio CD: Live From Gdańsk (Koncert w Stoczni) (2005, released exclusively in Central Europe).
  • DVD: Jean-Michel Jarre: Solidarnosc Live (2005, NTSC, one disc, also released as a "Collector's Edition" with the audio CD).

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