Spaced Out

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Spaced Out
Also known as 'Allô la Terre, ici les Martin'
Genre Comedy
Science fiction
Created by Claude Lerist
Léon Nöel
Written by John Handforth (adaptation)
Steve Werner (lyrics)
Aviva Wolman (lyrics)
Directed by Marc Perret
Terrence Scammell (voice)
Elisabeth Morcellett (first assistant)
Starring Mark Camacho
Ellen David
Eleanor Noble
Rick Jones
Bruce Dinsmore
Ricky Mabe
Sonja Ball
Daniel Brochu
Susan Glover
Terrence Scammell
Theme music composer Steve Wener
Opening theme "Spaced Out", performed by Fillmore King and Maude Buisson
Ending theme "Spaced Out" (Instrumental)
Composer(s) Steve Wener
Country of origin France
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Finn Arnesen & Daniel Lennard (for Cartoon Network Europe)
Françoise Reymond (for Canal+)
Eve Baron (for France 3)
Producer(s) Christian Davin
Clément Calvet
Paul Cadieux (co-producer)
Running time 22–25 minutes
Production company(s) Alphanim
France 3
Cartoon Network Europe
La Sofica Gimages 2
Original network Cartoon Network (Europe)
Vrak.TV (Canada)
Original release December 20, 2001[1] – 2005

Spaced Out (known in French as Allô la Terre, ici les Martin) is a French-Canadian animated series, co-produced by Alphanim, Tooncan and Cartoon Network Europe, in association with several other companies and television networks. Spaced Out is a series with elements similar to that of The Jetsons, which also features a four-member family (at one time Cartoon Network Europe produced a promo for the series with the opening music from The Jetsons synchronized with moments from Spaced Out). The series had 1 season with 26 episodes. It never aired in the United States.


George Martin lives in a regular neighbourhood with his family and applies for a job in the apparently monopolistic company, Krach Industries. Although they do not intend to hire him, his application is accidentally blown by the wind to the heap of selected candidates. This leads to George being hired as director of a secret orbital station (Operation SOS) housing sub-development, where he and his family have to live as an experiment started by Krach. When the Martins arrive at the station, they meet other people who have also been sent by Krach to live there. To their surprise, their neighbour and teacher who taught the Martins' kids on Earth is also on the station with her son. Later, they save a Russian cosmonaut who decides to live with them. And so, they continue living on the space station, occasionally having personal disputes, meeting aliens and being monopolised by Krach.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Mark Camacho as George Martin, director of the space station. He is in charge of running the station and changing it from night to day.
  • Ellen David as Monica Martin, George's wife who loves order in her house. She also believes in aliens.
  • Eleanor Noble as Betty Martin, George's teenage daughter and a manic depressive. She likes music and seems to only enjoy catching up with friends which she has been deprived of upon arriving in the station.
  • Daniel Brochu as Benjamin Martin, George's plump son and a cosmic super-hero fanatic. He is also fond of computers and technology.
  • Sonja Ball as Gran, George's mother and the Martin kids' grandmother. George's wife, Monica hates her.
  • Rick Jones as Fax and Goodgrief, the Martin kids' dog and cat; and Guy, Dumped by Krach to live on the station. He does all the work except those done by George.
  • Susan Glover as Mrs. Schuman, the Martin children's neighbour and teacher back on Earth and on the station.
  • Ricky Mabe as Bobby Schuman, Mrs. Schuman's son. Relations with him and Benjamin have little improved since being on earth.
  • Bruce Dinsmore as Boris Malakoff, a Russian cosmonaut who decides to live on the station after crashing there. He becomes the new pilot of the Earth station shuttle. Boris is the only member of the principal cast who does not appear in all episodes, being introduced in episode 2.



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