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Spacedust were the British production duo of Paul Glancy and Duncan Glasson.

They had a number one hit single in the UK Singles Chart in 1998 with a song entitled "Gym and Tonic". The track was a cover of Bob Sinclar's single "Gym Tonic".
A full release of Sinclar's original song was refused by Jane Fonda, who was sampled on the record.[1]

The music video, despite being made in the late 1990s, was made to look cheap even though it cost over £10,000. It regularly features on VH1's "worst videos" lists.

After this number one, they released a further hit "Let's get down!", which was based on Chic's "I want your love!". Both tracks were released on the East West Records label.


  • "Gym and Tonic (Back two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight)" - 1998 - UK #1
  • "Let's get down!" - 1999 - UK #20


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