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Spacefacts is a website for space enthusiasts, founded and facilitated by Joachim Becker, Germany.

The website lists all human space flights, including crew photo, mission patch, a short brief, what happened during that flight, crew-members, flight duration, orbits, EVAs and more, but also biographies of all human space flyers, from all over the world and even the candidates (semi-finalists). Several statistical data, translation of acronyms and several more completes the website.

Spacefacts was founded by the German space enthusiast Joachim Becker from Mainz in December 2000. He is supported by Heinz Janssen from Wittmund. The website has segments for both languages, English and German and it is without any advertising. Spacefacts is well known for its photos in high quality.

Especially on the German Wikipedia spacefacts is often named as a weblink. In the English Wikipedia, one currently (1.6.2006) can find more than 450 results. Google has ranked the website as the most popular in its category,[1]


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