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Spaceflight is the monthly magazine of the British Interplanetary Society (BIS). It was first published in 1956, a year before the launch of Sputnik 1, and has been reporting on space exploration topics ever since.

Spaceflight is published monthly with each volume of 12 issues having continuous pagination and an annual index included with the December issue.

Widely used as a magazine of authoritative reference, Spaceflight has long been recognised as a prime source of information on international space programmes and commercial space exploration.[citation needed]

Regular features, often written by those directly involved in a particular technology or project, cover aspects of space technology and exploration, astronomy, satellites, commercial space, political activities and educational programmes. The magazine also includes detailed space mission reports.

Spaceflight is intended to be appropriate for those professionally involved in the space business and for those with a general interest in the subject.

In 2008 the magazine, edited by Clive Simpson, was the winner of the Sir Arthur Clarke Award in the category of Best Space Reporting.

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