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Spacemacs logo.svg
Spacemacs with recent files and editing windows open
Spacemacs with recent files and editing windows open
Original author(s) Sylvain Benner[1]
Developer(s) Sylvain Benner and many others[2]
Initial release 30 October 2014; 3 years ago (2014-10-30)
Stable release
0.200.10[3] / 2 November 2017; 10 months ago (2017-11-02)
Written in Emacs Lisp
Operating system Unix, Linux, Windows NT, macOS
Available in English (by default)
Type Text editor
License GPLv3[4]

Spacemacs is computer software, a text editor built on GNU Emacs for Unix-like and Linux operating systems and their derivatives.[5] It features both graphical and command-line user interfaces, executable under X display manager and within a Unix shell terminal.[6] It is free and open-source software (FOSS) released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

The editor has syntax highlighting feature enabled for major programming languages, and is configurable manually via configuration files and by internal commands.[7] It is also portable to Microsoft Windows and macOS through specific builds and Homebrew package management software, respectively.

Spacemacs has an unusual ergonomics and mnemonic key binding design, with verbose software documentation. It is designed to operate in two main modes both for Emacs and Vim editors, supporting user installed plug-in packages to allow extendability.[8][9]

As of 2017, its repository on GitHub has been starred over 13,000 times and has over 7,400 commits.[10]

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