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Spacetoon logo.png
Channel logo
CountryUnited Arab Emirates,[1] Syria, Indonesia, Ukraine
Broadcast areaArab world
Slogan(Arabic: قناة شباب المستقبل‎)
(English: Young Future Channel)
(Indonesian: Saluran Masa Depan)
(Ukrainian: Канал Молоді і Майбутнього)
HeadquartersDamascus, Syria
Dubai, UAE[3]
Language(s)Arabic (Arab world)
English (UAE)
Indonesian (Indonesia)
Ukrainian (Ukraine)
Picture format576i SDTV
Timeshift serviceMalyatko TV (2009–2012)
OwnerSpacetoon International[4]
Sister channelsSpacetoon 2
Spacetoon Radio
Space Power (SPTV)
Launched27 March 2000; 20 years ago (2000-03-27) (Arabic channel)
1 April 2005; 15 years ago (2005-04-01) (English channel)
23 March 2005; 15 years ago (2005-03-23) (Indonesian channel)
31 December 2009; 10 years ago (2009-12-31) (Ukrainian channel)
(channel space shared with Space Power in Arabic world only)
Foxtel (Australia)Channel 59
3732 H 4160 ¾
(Arab world version)
11785 V 27500 ¾
eLife (UAE)Channel 310
DU (UAE)Channel 351
Omantel (Oman)Channel 86
Channel 314
OSN (MENA Region)Channel 370
Streaming media
YouTubeSpacetoon Arabic
Spacetoon Indonesia

Spacetoon (Arabic: سبيستون‎ or سبيس تون) is a pan–Arab free–to–air television channel that specialises in animation and children programs. It began broadcasting on 27 March 2000[5] with headquarters in Damascus and Dubai.[6] The channel targets children from 4 to 8 years old.

The Spacetoon company has had three now-defunct channels in the Arab world besides the main still existing Spacetoon channel: Space Power TV, Spacetoon Radio and Spacetoon English and a video on demand app called Spacetoon Go.

The main Indonesian channel began airing on 23 March 2005 in Jakarta,[7] it later became NET. and its broadcast remains on satellite television. Currently there are three Spacetoon channels in Indonesia, Spacetoon, Space Shopping and Spacetoon Plus. In India, Spacetoon India exists as licensing company, but not as a separate TV channel. In South Korea, Spacetoon launched in 2005 but has since closed down.[8]

Spacetoon is closely affiliated with Syria-based dubbing company Venus Centre. Spacetoon is broadcast in 22 countries, and has an audience of over 130 million viewers.[9]


Arab world[edit]

In 1999, Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation officially signed an agreement to broadcast a children's cartoon channel. On 27 March 2000, Spacetoon officially launched, but as a six-hour block. It was for two years, until 12 January 2002 when the contract ended, according to a statement issued by the Ministry. Later, Spacetoon was established as an independent channel.

On 3 March 2013; the channel was rebranded, but never used by Indonesian counterpart (still uses 2005 branding).


In Indonesia, Spacetoon officially launched on 23 March 2005. The station was founded by H. Sukoyo, a former TV7 executive. When it was launched, Spacetoon broadcast on 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. WIB. Later broadcast timings were extended from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. WIB. When programming ended, a 10-minute section filled with animation, songs, and messages for kids was shown. On mid-2011, due to financial problems, Spacetoon began broadcasting some home-shopping program and alternative medicine program.

In March 2013, 95% of Spacetoon ownership stakes were acquired by NET. Finally on 18 May 2013, Spacetoon officially closed for terrestrial to make way for NET. on terrestrial network, while Spacetoon broadcast in Indonesia still remains on satellite television. In September 2014, Spacetoon divided into two channels: Spacetoon and Spacetoon 2. Spacetoon 2 broadcasts more cartoon and animation than Spacetoon although still broadcasts some home-shopping programs. In May 2016, Spacetoon added another channel, Spacetoon 3. It had clearer audio than Spacetoon and Spacetoon 2, but was closed down on October of the same year. In November 2016, Spacetoon 2 was officially renamed as Space Shopping. The reason was home shopping programmes having way much revenue on the channel, which itself had little income. Currently, Spacetoon has three channels in Indonesia: Spacetoon, Space Shopping, and Spacetoon Plus.


Each of the programs aired were divided in blocks, called "planets", one for each genre:

  • Action Planet (Planet of excitement and mystery) for action series.
  • Sports Planet (Planet of challenge and strength) of the sports series and programs.
  • Adventure Planet (Planet of imagination and thrill) for adventure series.
  • Comedy Planet (Planet of laughter) for comedy series.
  • Movies Planet (Planet of all colors) for animated movies.
  • Abjad Planet (Planet of numbers and letters) for educational programs.
  • Bon Bon Planet (Planet heroes adults) for preschool programs.
  • History Planet (Planet of time immemorial) (former, 2000-2013, Returning Soon) for the historical series.
  • Science Planet (Planet of discovery and knowledge) for educational programs.
  • Zomoroda Planet (means "emerald" in Arabic, Planet just for girls) for series and programs for girls.

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