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Survey typeAstronomical survey Edit this on Wikidata
Observatory code691
Minor planets discovered: 130,493 [1]
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The Spacewatch project is an astronomical survey that specializes in the study of minor planets, including various types of asteroids and comets at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, in the United States.

It is led by astronomer Robert S. McMillan at the University of Arizona and was founded in 1980 by Tom Gehrels and McMillan. Spacewatch uses a 1.8-meter and a 0.9-meter dedicated telescope. In addition, it uses the Nicholas U. Mayall Telescope and the Steward Observatory's Bok Telescope for follow-up observations of near-Earth objects.[2][3]

The 36-inch (0.9-meter) telescope at Kitt Peak observatory has been in use by Spacewatch since 1984, and since 2000 the 72-inch Spacewatch telescope.[4] The 36-inch telescope continued in use and was further upgraded, in particular the telescopes use electronic detectors.[5]

Notable discoveries[edit]

Number of NEOs detected by various projects:
  All others

The project has also rediscovered 719 Albert, a long-lost asteroid.

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