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Spacey Awards
Awarded forBest sci-fi, fantasy and horror films, television series and video games
Country Canada
First awarded2003
Last awarded2007

The Spacey Awards (also referred to as The Spaceys) was an annual award presented by the Canadian cable network Space from 2003–2007. Awards were presented in the areas of sci-fi, fantasy and horror films, television series and video games. Some of the awards were voted on by the viewers choice and the others by SPACE employees.

The awards were known for their use of humor, often with skits built around both the presenting and the receiving of awards. Rather than hosting a formal ceremony, SPACE instead took the awards to the winners, often visiting them on the set of their latest production, or in some other setting. Richard Dean Anderson of Stargate SG-1 was noted for his comedic acceptance speeches (one of which during the 2nd Spacey Awards ran so long it was run in installments throughout the broadcast). Anderson was not nominated for the 4th annual awards as he was no longer a cast member of Stargate. Instead, he presented an award to the actor who replaced him on Stargate via an extended art film parody of My Dinner with Andre. The Spacey Awards were produced by Michelle Dudas and Simon Evans.

The awards were hosted by Natasha Eloi and Jonathan Llyr, with Kim Poirier becoming co-host with the 2005 awards. She appeared at the first Spacey Awards too.

A special The Best of the Spaceys, hosted by Eloi, Llyr and Poirier, showing clips from past awards aired on May 18, 2007.

As of 2008, it's unknown whether there will be any more Spacey Awards since CTV took over the Space channel.

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