Spain women's national field hockey team

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AssociationReal Federación Española de Hockey
(Royal Spanish Hockey Federation)
ConfederationEHF (Europe)
CoachAdrian Lock
Assistant coach(es)Andrés Mondo
Andrew Wilson
ManagerAlberto Ruiz
CaptainGeorgina Oliva
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
FIH ranking
Current 7 Steady (29 June 2019)[1]
Summer Olympics
Appearances6 (first in 1992)
Best result1st (1992)
World Cup
Appearances11 (first in 1974)
Best result3rd (2018)
EuroHockey Championship
Appearances14 (first in 1984)
Best result2nd (1995, 2003)

The Spain women's national field hockey team represents Spain in the international field hockey competitions. The team won the gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics at their first ever Olympic appearance in front of their home crowd in Terrassa, coached at the time by José Manuel Brasa.[2]


Tournament records[edit]

Olympic Games[3]
Year Host city Position
1980 Soviet Union Moscow, Soviet Union
1984 United States Los Angeles, United States
1988 South Korea Seoul, South Korea
1992 Spain Barcelona, Spain 1st
1996 United States Atlanta, United States 8th
2000 Australia Sydney, Australia 4th
2004 Greece Athens, Greece 10th
2008 China Beijing, China 7th
2012 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
2016 Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 8th
2020 Japan Tokyo, Japan TBD
EuroHockey Nations Championship[4]
Year Host city Position
1984 France Lille, France 7th
1987 England London, England 5th
1991 Belgium Brussels, Belgium 6th
1995 Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands 2nd
1999 Germany Cologne, Germany 5th
2003 Spain Barcelona, Spain 2nd
2005 Republic of Ireland Dublin, Ireland 4th
2007 England Manchester, England 4th
2009 Netherlands Amstelveen, Netherlands 4th
2011 Germany Mönchengladbach, Germany 4th
2013 Belgium Boom, Belgium 5th
2015 England London, England 4th
2017 Netherlands Amstelveen, Netherlands 5th
2019 Belgium Antwerp, Belgium Qualified
World League[5]
Year Round Host city Position
2012–13 Round 2 Spain Valencia, Spain 2nd
Semi-final England London, England 8th
2014–15 Semi-final Spain Valencia, Spain 6th
2016–17 Round 2 Spain Valencia, Spain 1st
Semi-final Belgium Brussels, Belgium 7th
Hockey Series[6]
Year Round Host city Position
2018–19 Final Spain Valencia, Spain Qualified
World Cup[7]
Year Host city Position
1974 France Mandelieu, France 6th
1976 West Germany West Berlin, West Germany 5th
1978 Spain Madrid, Spain 8th
1981 Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina 10th
1983 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1986 Netherlands Amstelveen, Netherlands 12th
1990 Australia Sydney, Australia 5th
1994 Republic of Ireland Dublin, Ireland 8th
1998 Netherlands Utrecht, Netherlands
2002 Australia Perth, Australia 8th
2006 Spain Madrid, Spain 4th
2010 Argentina Rosario, Argentina 12th
2014 Netherlands The Hague, Netherlands
2018 England London, England 3rd
Champions Trophy[8]
Year Host city Position
1987 – 1989 Did not Participate
1991 Germany Berlin, Germany 4th
1993 Netherlands Amstelveen, Netherlands 5th
1995 Argentina Mar del Plata, Argentina 5th
1997 – 2000 Did not Participate
2001 Netherlands Amstelveen, Netherlands 6th
2002 – 2006 Did not Participate
2007 Argentina Quilmes, Argentina 6th
2008 – 2018 Did not Participate
Champions Challenge[9]
Year Host city Position
2002 South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
2003 Italy Catania, Italy 2nd
2005 United States Virginia Beach, United States 6th
2007 Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan
2009 South Africa Cape Town, South Africa 4th
2011 Republic of Ireland Dublin, Ireland 4th
2012 Republic of Ireland Dublin, Ireland
2014 Scotland Glasgow, Scotland 4th


Current squad[edit]

Squad for the 2019 Women's EuroHockey Nations Championship.[10]

Head coach: England Adrian Lock

Notable players[edit]

The team in 2016.

2019 Fixtures & Results[edit]

India Test Series[edit]

Ireland Test Series[edit]

Tri-Nations Tournament[edit]

FIH Series Finals[edit]

EuroHockey Nations Championship[edit]

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