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Coin of Spalahores/Spalyris, mentioning his son Spalagadames.
Obv: Greek legend: ϹΠΑΛΥΡΙΟϹ ΔΙΚΑΙΟΥ ΑΔΕΛΦΟΥ ΤΟΥ ΒΑϹΙΛΕωϹ, "King Spalirises, the Just Brother", with the king on horseback.
Rev: Kharoshthi legend: Spalahoraputrasa dhramiasa Spalagadamasa, "Spalagadames of the Dharma, son of Spalahores", with naked Herakles sitting on a rock.

Spalagadames was an Indo-Scythian ruler, son of Spalahores, himself brother of king Vonones. He ruled in areas of the North-western South Asia between around 50 BCE.

Spalagadames was mentioned on coins in the name of king Vonones, as the son of Spalahores, and later on coin of Spalirises as king, where he is again introduced as the son of Spalahores.

No coins of him as king are known, so he must have been a subordinate local ruler, such as a satrap.