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SpangaS is a Dutch youth series, created by the NCRV and the makers of ZOOP.

The television series revolves around the lives of a group of students at Spangalis College. Episodes revolve around a wide range of student activities and personal drama during secondary education. The program is similar in format and subject matter to the Canadian series DeGrassi but with a more lighthearted feel aimed towards tweenagers and younger teens.

A SpangaS movie, SpangaS op Survival, premiered on September 30, 2009. The plot focuses on the students' trip to the Belgian Ardennes.

A SpangaS theater show, SpangaS Live!, ran from April to June 2011.


Every student has their own individual storylines. These usually involve events in their school lives, but occasionally their home lives as well. The show deals with various topics relevant to secondary school students and the viewing audience: love, friendship, death, loneliness, sadness, school, teacher / teachers, parents, divorce, finding a sense of belonging, bullying, discrimination, and future dreams. SpangaS also covers LHBTQ topics considered taboo to cover in past series aimed at children. Past episodes have had students coming to terms with their orientations, like Flip struggling with his sexuality and love for Mick and later Koen, both boys in his class. Later episodes also introduce transgender characters.

The public broadcasting is satisfied with the number of viewers that SpangaS drew in the first season. In the Viewers group 9 to 12 years, the series gained a 20% market share. At the end of the season, the market share grew to 45%. On February 20, 2008, the NRC newspaper reported an average of 200,000 viewers. 52 episodes from the first season sold to the German Super RTL, where the series is called SpangaS - Das ist das Leben. A Swiss version of SpangaS has also been made with a full Swiss cast. The location scenes are filmed in Switzerland and the scenes in and around the school in Amsterdam. Starting in September 2010, SpangaS was broadcast at 19:00, replacing the soap opera ONM and aimed towards an older targeted audience. Episodes are also still aired during the daytime youth timeslot.


The intro of SpangaS for all seasons features an original theme song. The original intro shows the teachers first, followed by two portraits of the students. This changed in Season 7 when the order switched.

Current intro[edit]

Current personages
Number Personage left Personage right
1 Raaf de Ridder Meral Daldal
2 Renée krul Abel Brandt
3 Tinco Benoit Bodil De La Aize
4 Charley Boogaarts Lef Evers
5 Eman Loukili Juliëtte Vrolijks
6 Madge Jansen Aldert Patron van Kalkhoven
7 Reggy Benoit Berna van der Laken
8 Rozalie Mokketier Jochem Damstra


Current cast
Actor Personage Period
Ricardo Blei Abel Brandt 13 October 2009–present
Priscilla Knetemann Charley Bogaarts 7 January 2010–present
Hassan Slaby Eman Loukili 13 September 2010–present
Guillermo Hilversum Tinco Benoit 20 May 2011–present
Vajén van den Bosch Julliëtte Vrolijks September 2014 – present
Lennart Timmerman Raaf de Ridder 10 September 2012–present
Dilara Horuz Meral Daldal 10 September 2012–present
Stijn Fransen Renée Krul 2 September 2013 – present
Djamila Abdalla Bodil De La Aize 2 September 2013 – present
Timo Wils Lev Evers September 2014–present
Gaby Milder Rozalie Mokketier 3 September 2007–present
Steef Hupkes Jochem Damstra 3 September 2007–present
Felix Burleson Aldert Patron van Kalkhoven 3 September 2007–present
Pepijn van Halderen Kars ter Veldt 4 February 2008–present
Judy Doorman (Miss) Madge Jansen 17 September 2008–present
Raymi Sambo Reggy Benoit 20 January 2010 - 16 April 2010
6 September 2011–present
Meriyem Manders Berna van der Laken 2 September 2013 – present


SpangaS specials[edit]

SpangaS: Nablijven![edit]

SpangaS: Nablijven! was a special miniseries with 10 episodes aired over 2 weeks, revealing secret information about the school. Every episode had individual focus on one student. The spin-off displayed secrets and additional character information about the students with flashbacks from previous episodes and previews of new episodes of the remainder of the main series' season. This series was aired on December 8, 2008 to December 19, 2008. These episodes are not on the DVD of the second season of SpangaS.

SpangaS: Leergeld[edit]

Spangas: Leergeld is a special educational series of five short episodes about personal finance. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the concierge Aldert, the children collected money. To their horror, they lost the money. SpangaS: Leergeld was broadcast from September 13, 2010 to October 11, 2010, every Monday from 10:30 to 10:40am on Nederland 3 during the SchoolTV block. The series was repeated on May 26, 2011 t / m June 30, 2011 every Thursday at 10.50 on NL3.

This series, which was commissioned by Teleac SchoolTV, was jointly produced by NL Film, TVBV and NCRV. The Nibud and the Platform Guide in finance were also involved with production.

SpangaS: Mediawhizz[edit]

This educational miniseries had the students of the Spangalis College dealing with the pros and cons of the digital world and new media. The five special episodes aired on Zapp from May 28 to June 1, immediately after the end of season 5.


Eleven books based on the series have been published, written by Wendy Buenen and Ed van Eeden.

  1. Fay (2008)
  2. Flip en Tobias (2008)
  3. Irmak (2008)
  4. Luxor (2008)
  5. Avalanche (2008)
  6. Barry (2008)
  7. Jole (2009)
  8. Nassim (2009)
  9. Lana (2009)
  10. SpangaS op Survival filmeditie (2010)
  11. SpangaS ZomerBoek (2011)

There are also 17 magazines published so far.

SpangaS the Game[edit]

In this online games, kids can explore the Spangalis College and interact with their favorite characters, helping them with various problems. Players can walk around the school and visit areas from the show like the canteen and the bike shed. The five levels discuss various topics tying into themes discussed in the show, including love, bullying, the environment, appearance, and partying.

By performing various tasks with the help of the SpangaS characters, players earn points and win prizes. Each level features mini-games that also be played after completion of the levels. On top of completing the levels, players can also earn achievement medals during the minigames. Episodes of SpangaS and the SpangaS newsletter also gave away secret codes for extras that players could earn in-game.