Spanish Cobras

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Insane Spanish Cobras Nation
Founded Late 1960
Founding location Chicago, Illinois
Years active 1960s - Today
Territory Chicago, Michigan
Ethnicity Mostly Latino, but includes Caucasian and African American members
Allies Some Folk Nation gangs
Rivals People Nation gangs, some Folk Nation

The Spanish Cobras is a primarily, but not exclusively, Latino gang started in Humboldt Park in Chicago during the early 1960s.[clarification needed] The Cobras are considered the second-largest Latino gang on the north and northwest side, with the Maniac Latin Disciples being the first.[citation needed] The Cobras are part of the Folk Nation;[1] symbols include the cobra, raised diamond, and the initials "SC";[2] and colors are black and green.

Within Chicago, the neighborhoods with the strongest Cobra presence are Humboldt Park, Hermosa, Logan Square and Kelvyn Park. They are also found in Cicero, and have a small presence in the McKinley Park area on the south side.[citation needed] They are also known to operate in other parts of Illinois, as well as Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha in Wisconsin, and Detroit and are quite large in Flint, Michigan.[3]


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