Spanish Communist Workers' Party (1921)

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For information on the PCOE formed in 1973 see the article Spanish Communist Workers' Party (1973).
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The Spanish Communist Workers' Party (Partido Comunista Obrero Español) was a communist party founded on April 13, 1921 by the terceristas, including Virginia González Polo, Daniel Anguiano, Eduardo Torralba Beci, Manuel Núñez Arenas, Luis Mancebo and Evaristo Gil,[1] who had been trying to persuade the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) to join the Comintern. When the PSOE Congress voted to join the Vienna International and refused Bolshevism, the terceristas broke away.

A new Communist Party of Spain was founded on November 14, 1921 through an act of merger of Partido Comunista Español and Partido Comunista Obrero Español. The unified PCE soon adhered to the Comintern.

Later, in 1973 a group led by Enrique Líster broke away from PCE and formed a new party with the name Spanish Communist Workers Party.


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