Spanish Goat Dancer

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Spanish Goat Dancer
EP by
GenreRock music
LabelWildside Records
HLAH chronology
Spanish Goat Dancer
Flik Y'Self Off Y'Self

Spanish Goat Dancer is an EP released by New Zealand band, HLAH in 1994 on Wildside Records. Spanish Goat Dancer is off the album Flik Y'Self Off Y'Self. The songs Hitskin and 7 Stripes of the Maumau are covers of Hallelujah Picassos

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Spanish Goat Dancer
  2. "Regular Guy
  3. "Hitskin"
  4. "Raw Sock"
  5. "Stained & Piss Yellow
  6. "Pops Pox 'n' Vox"
  7. "Velvet Kushion"
  8. "Knives in This Tray"
  9. "Karaoke Cowboy"
  10. "7 Stripes of the Mau Mau"
  11. "Cigarette Hell"
  12. "Plonk Plonk"
  13. "I'm 16 & I Listen to Ozzy"
  14. "Radio Shack 301"
  15. "The Dog Song"
  16. "Roland Goes Nuts"
  17. "This Cowboys Outta Hair"
  18. "Lost Wisdom Teeth"
  19. "Birth"
  20. "Rise"