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Spanish Head is a promontory on the southwestern coast of the Isle of Man, rising over 100 m from sea level.

The island of the Calf of Man lies to the southwest of the head, separated from it by the Calf Sound.

The name of the promontory is often thought to arise from the tale of a ship from the Spanish Armada becoming wrecked in the area, though there is no evidence to suggest this. Local residents suggest that the current name may originate from the Manx name for the type of rock in the area, although the cliffs are Manx slate, which is known as sclate in Manx.

In 1970 Susan Place, a Marine Sciences student from Liverpool University discovered a sword of the period buried deep in the sand during a shoreline survey. About 40 years later, now Master of a Brigantine, she observed the tidal and weather conditions which would have put an engine-less sailing ship onto Spanish Head, which are normal for the sea area. The sword is still in her possession.

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Coordinates: 54°03′25″N 4°46′53″W / 54.05694°N 4.78139°W / 54.05694; -4.78139