Spanish Patriotic Union

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Spanish Patriotic Union
Unión Patriótica Española
Leader Miguel Primo de Rivera
Founded 14 April 1923 (14 April 1923)
Dissolved 1930
Merged into Spanish Renew*
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Newspaper La Nación
Ideology Spanish nationalism
National Catholicism
Politics of Spain
Political parties
*De facto merged in the National Monarchist Union, that after was merged in the Spanish Renew

The Spanish Patriotic Union, UPE (in Spanish: Unión Patriótica Española) was the political party created from above by Spanish dictator Miguel Primo de Rivera, conceived as a support to his conservative dictatorship and integrating political catholicism, technocrats, and the business-owning classes.

After the establishment of the Second Spanish Republic, the party changed its name to Unión Monarquista (Monarchist Union). It was merged into the Falange in 1936.