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{{Infobox Music genre
|name=Spanish-language dancehall
|cultural_origins= [[United States]], [[Puerto Rico]] [[Panama]]
|instruments=[[Drum machine]]<br>[[Electronic keyboard]]<br>[[Sequencer]]<br>Dem Bow [[riddim]]<br>[[Bass (instrument)|Bass]]<br>[[Guitar]]<br>[[Drum kit|drums]]
|popularity= 2003-Present
|regional_scenes= [[United States]], [[Puerto Rico]] [[Panama]]
|other_topics= [[Reggaeton]]
'''Spanish dancehall''' sounds similar to English-language [[dancehall]], the exception is that it is in the [[Spanish language]]. Artists such as [[Nando Boom]], [[El General]], [[Chico Man]], and many more pioneered it in the early 1980s in Colon, Panama.

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