Spanish pond turtle

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Spanish pond turtle
Saharan pond turtle (Mauremys leprosa saharica) female.jpg
Female M. l. saharica in Morocco
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Testudines
Suborder: Cryptodira
Superfamily: Testudinoidea
Family: Geoemydidae
Genus: Mauremys
M. leprosa
Binomial name
Mauremys leprosa
Mauremys leprosa range Map.png

The Spanish pond turtle (Mauremys leprosa), also known commonly as the Mediterranean pond turtle, is a species of turtle in the family Geoemydidae. The species is endemic to southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa.


Including the nominotypical subspecies, there are two sub-species which are accepted.

  • M. leprosa leprosa (Schweigger, 1812)[1]Iberian pond turtle
  • M. leprosa saharica (Schleich, 1996)[1]Saharan pond turtle



M. l. leprosa is widespread and common within southern Spain and Portugal (locally in the north of both), and extends along the Mediterranean coast of southwestern France. It has been introduced into Italy.[3] It is also present throughout northern Morocco to the middle Atlas Mountains, and the northwestern slope of the High Atlas near Marrakech to Agadir. It is present from northern Algeria to central Tunisia and northwestern Libya.

M. l. saharica can be found at Oued Noun, Oued Ziz, and Oued Draa within the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Local populations have also been reported from southern Algeria, southwestern Libya, and northern Niger.


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