Spanky's Quest

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Spanky's Quest
Spanky's Quest
SNES box art
Designer(s)Shunji Ohminami (SNES)
Composer(s)Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (Game Boy)
Kiyohiro Sada (SNES)
Platform(s)Game Boy
Super NES
ReleaseGame Boy
  • JP: April 26, 1991
  • NA: July 1992
  • EU: 1992
Super NES
  • JP: December 27, 1991
  • NA: July 1992
  • EU: 1992

Spanky's Quest (Japanese: 反省ザルジローくんの大冒険, Hepburn: Hansei Zaru: Jirō-kun no Daibouken, lit. "Monkey Reflections: The Adventures of Mr. Jiro") is an action game published in 1991 by Natsume, for the Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The Game Boy title is known in Japan as Lucky Monkey (ラッキーモンキー, Rakkī Monkī).

The main character of the game is Spanky the monkey, who attacks by throwing different kinds of balls. The SNES game has a storyline in which Spanky must defeat an evil witch named Morticia.

The game is known for its very upbeat jazz soundtrack.


Spanky attacks by throwing a small purple bubble. He can then bounce the bubble on his head. Every time he bounces the bubble, the bubble grows and changes color. The bubble can then be popped, depending upon the bubble's size and color, different types of sports balls will fly out of the bubble destroying enemies touched by the balls. For example, a purple bubble will release a baseball and the largest orange bubble will release several basketballs. If an enemy is touched by a bubble, he will simply be stunned and unable to move for a moment.

The first time a bubble is thrown, it is purple. If it is popped, a baseball comes out and can only hit one enemy at a time. If a purple bubble is bounced on Spanky's head, it turns green. When the green bubble is popped, it creates a string of soccer balls that can usually take out a line of enemies. Bouncing the green bubble creates a yellow bubble that, when popped, becomes a gyrating volleyball, causing damage to an area of increasing radius. Bouncing the bubble a fourth and last time, the largest bubble is reached. When this orange bubble is popped, it releases several basketballs that shower down on a wide range of enemies. Each further bounce does nothing to the bubble; it remains orange.

There are a total of five worlds with ten levels each. After clearing each world's ten levels, the player must face a main boss. After defeating all five bosses, the player fights the witch herself. In the SNES version, levels are cleared when the required number of keys unlocks a door; in the GB version, levels are cleared when all the enemies have been destroyed. The enemies in the game are generally different types of fruits, with the notable exception of the witch.



Spanky's Quest received positive reviews for the Game Boy version,[citation needed] but was criticized for the fact that the player had to put a password in every time they want to continue their last save,[citation needed] the SNES title received mixed reviews with the criticism for it being too similar to the Game Boy version.[citation needed]


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