Spanky Spangler

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Spanky Spangler
Occupation Film actor, stunt man

Spanky Spangler is an American daredevil and theatrical stunt man who currently[when?] claims to hold the world record distance for a jump performed in an automobile at 328 feet (100 meters).[citation needed] The most common stunt that he performs is jumping off a platform or hot air balloon over 150 feet in the air into an air bag on the ground. Another notable Spangler stunt is a successful jump over the Rio Grande in a rocket-powered truck.[citation needed]

Prior to becoming a stunt man, Spangler was a Green beret in the United States Army, claiming to be the youngest ever green beret.[citation needed] Spanky Spangler currently holds 23 World records[citation needed] and is a regular performer at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana. He often works behind the scenes as a stunt coordinator for Robbie Knievel.[citation needed]

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