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Spanova is a Japanese music duo formed by Ken and Shin Tasaki. The brothers started composing and playing instruments together from the very early age, absorbing every kinds of music they were exposed; from 1970s an 1980s Pop and Rock as they always enjoyed on the radio; to Jazz, Soul, Bossa Nova, Hip-Hop, and Modern Music as they get fascinated by the sounds from the unknown world. Starting their career as composers in late 1990s, the duo issued their debut album under their own unit name Spanova on WEA Japan in 1997. Since then, the duo has been enthusiastically exploring their music in deep at their private recording studio "Daily Planet Studio", working on all process by themselves from making demos to the final mixes.[1][2][3][4] While playing an active role in Japanese pop scene as composers and producers, they started with more experimental works in early 2000s, building materials into a unique and sensitive sonic texture instead of having a straightforward vocals or an acoustic instrument, and arranging them into an organic piece.[5][6] In 2006, they contributed their song "Absentminded" to the 10th anniversary compilation album "History Is Bunk" for the Chicago-based electronica label Hefty Records, along with Savath & Savalas(Scott Herren), and other Japanese musicians such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haruomi Hosono.[7] Achieving the exquisite synthesis of the performance-oriented songwriting and the electronic experiments in the post productions, the duo is expanding their music experiment to the collaborative projects with various artists from different field and drawing more attention from the Crossover (music)/Electronica scene worldwide.[8][9]


  • Ken Tasaki
  • Shin Tasaki



Title Year Label
Daily Planet 1997 WEA Japan
Dead Music Flamingo 1998 Warner Music Japan
Super Ball 1999 Warner Music Japan
Speak Loud 2000 Warner Music Japan
Diary of the Headphonist 2000 Warner Music Japan
Beautiful Lifelines 2002 Felicity
Fictional World Lullaby 2003 Felicity
SetsunaLized SetzunaRider 2010/5/19 Columbia - iTunes Japan Electronic Chart #1


Title Year Label
Tamashii-wa Konoha-no You-ni (Souls like Falling Leaves) 1997 WEA Japan
Apollo 1998 Warner Music Japan
Harumaki 2002 Felicity
As Far As Ends Go 2003 Felicity


Song Title Movie Title Collaborated Artist Year
Itoshii Hito (My loved one) (Main Theme) 69 sixty nine CHEMISTRY 2004
What Is A Life Memories of Matsuko AI 2006
Yasumi-no Hi-no Shizuka-na Jikan (A quiet moment on a weekend) Yasumi-no Hi-no Shizuka-na Jikan (A quiet moment on a weekend) Yuki Hayashi 2007
garden garden Yuki Hayashi 2008

As composer, producer on other artists' albums[edit]

Artist Song Title Album/Single Title Year
YOSHIKA Stand up Stand up 2008
YOSHIKA happiness timeless 2006
Halcali Shibafu (lawn) feat. Shuntarō Tanikawa Ongaku-no Susume 2004
Gaku-MC Guys on the Moon a day in the life 2002
Tokyo Super Stars
flash back
I wish
Happy Vibes
Chocolat (singer) Butterfly Hamster 1999
Chikuzen Sato (Sing Like Talking) BLUE Okura 2005
CHEMISTRY Dance With Me (Korea/Japan Ver.) Kimi-ga Iru 2005
Long Long Way Long Long Way 2004
Itoshii Hito (My loved one) Mirage in blue/Itoshii Hito 2004
Itoshii Hito (My loved one) One × One 2004
Bound for Identity - dear friend
Chocolat Maigo-no Tori(Lost Bird) Chocolat Notes 2003
Heaven 11
V6 20th Century Working Man ! -attention- 1998
Chikuzen Sato (Sing Like Talking) Believe In Life - featuring Tomohiko Nishimura & Yamagen CORNERSTONES 2 2002
AI What Is A Life Soundtrack for "Memories of Matsuko" 2006


Artist Song Title Album/Single Title Year
Apogee Let It Snow ~SNOW IN APRIL Just a Seeker's Song 2007
Slicker Knock Me Down Girl Knock Me Down Girl 2004
A Felicity SAMPLE Beat of the moment BEAT OF THE MOMENT 03 2004
Ryōko Hirosue Otona-ni Naranai You-ni (Wish I won't be an adult) RH Remix 2001


Album Title Song Title Year
Hefty Records 10th anniversary History Is Bunk Part 1&2 Absentminded (as Spanova) 2006
Snowbreaker (as SOME WATER AND SUN)
▲SP-tsunagari (SP-connection) L.A.M.N.S. BEAT AT OF THE MOMENT(as Spangle call lilli line And Spanova) 2003

Other collaborations[edit]

Artists Projects Year
Some Water and Sun of Shin Tasaki and John Hughes aka Slicker "All My Friends Have To Go" 2005
Scott Helen(Production) × Spanova (Composition)  Chocolat "Ballerina"
Bo Kondren (Mastering)[10][11]× Spanova[12] "Fictional World Lullaby", "SetsunaLized SetsunaRider"
Roger Seibel (Mastering)[13][14]× Spanova[15] "Beautiful Lifelines"
Rei Harakami (Production) × Spanova(Composition) Chocolat "Maigo-no Tori (Lost Bird)", "Heaven 11"
Kouichiro Tsujikawa (Filmmaking) x Spanova (Composition) "As Far As Ends Go" PV 2003
Yuki Hayashi (Filmmaking) × Spanova (Composition)  "Hiroshima" 2003

TV/Web commercials[edit]

Company Name Project Song Title URL
East Japan Railway Company  Trip to Northeast Bound for Identity -dear friend
Sony Walkman Your Name Never Gone
Credit Saison Sougen-no Kyousouba (Horse on a meadow)
NEC FOMA N704iμ "Slim Woman" The Light
Kewpie Dressing, Tuna&Onion"
Sharp Corporation Softbank 920SH "AQUOS Cellphone" Autumn Color
Uniqlo 60th anniversary web site (Japan), 25th anniversary web site (US, France, Korea)


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